Trip Ubusan, The Lolas vs Zombies Pinoy Version Zombie Apocalypse

Are zombies real?

Real or not, I don’t really care at all.  I am zombie fan for life and I will remain to stay that way.

For instance, The Walking Dead is now on its season 8 and I never skipped an episode since it premiered on 2010.  While writing this article, I have watched 102 episodes of The Walking Dead in the span of 8 years.  How’s that for a true blue zombie fanatic?

Cignal TV Rocks Morning, Night and Weekends

Should I remained loyal to Sky Cable, there would be no chance that I could have watched UFC 217 live.  But guess what? I did watch UFC 217 live and in high-definition!

Thanks to drum roll please… Cignal TV!  Yes, Cignal TV has Hyper HD.  Hyper HD is the same as that of defunct old Balls except that Hyper is still hyperactively available.

Which is Better Cignal TV or Sky Cable?

Screenshot of Sky Cable website

Screenshot of Cignal Tv website

Why do I blog again?  This time around my answer is “why not?”

They say the very reason that can make laugh is the same reason that can make you cry.  Yes, I firmly agree with that and I am talking about TV. 

Come on, it’s the 21st century already and I have been saying good bye to old antenna more than a decade ago.  No more climbing the roof top and yelling at somebody, “is it ok now?”  Then the very next day, I had to do same thing all over again after a strong wind or heavy.  Been there, done that.  Clear TV is good entertainment.  It’s precious moments for me and I don’t mind paying my monthly dues.

Why Do I Blog?

Starting an article with a question and answering my own question might not be a good introduction but sometimes that’s the way it is.  I mean, that’s it when you have your own blog and not working with anybody else for that matter. It’s my space, my domain, my host, my own question, my answer.

Considering started wherein I only want to keep this site up in order to rub it someone else’s face for leaving me high and dry.   Now, my priorities and motives have drastically changed – so as Glitzbook. 

Speaking of change, I will keep the “monkey see, monkey do” kind of stuff but in addition I will do my own blog.    Nothing much as far as the promised change but I will take it from there by providing organic contents and not just simple copy-paste no-brainer stories.