About Glitzbook

Glitzbook or glitzbook.com is not for the faint of heart neither for those who get offended easily. If you’re hoping to be saved through Internet, this site does not offer salvation so be saved someplace else and good luck with that. In that case, consult your church leaders not Glitzbook.

Glitzbook merely exist for the purposes of entertaining online viewers and to hit the pot of gold somehow somewhere in the right time. Being the owner, the webmaster and the boss of this site, my journey alone is like hitting the jackpot. I mean, in this day and age not everybody gets the opportunity to do what they love yet I do!

Glitzbook – The Genesis

Not too long ago, a coward dreamer from other place dreamed of making big on the Internet business. Too afraid to spend a penny and too little input on how and what to do, I worked day and night in a hope that I might hit what the dreamer wanted me to do. In the end, I was left high and dry or so I thought.

It was no less than Bill Gates who once said that “Success is a lousy teacher”. And so in my failure, I come to my senses that I need no stupid coward dreamer to fail and that I can fail on my own. But this time I shall fail fast, roll over with the punches and get on with the fighting. So this Glitzbook thing will live on…

Gaddam Writer

I am no writer by any sense of the world but I can write. But apparently I can make more money than most good writers, how come? Try me! Somehow, it’s not how good you write but how much you make out of it. So pardon my gaddam grammar!

To hell with the comments

Every corner may have comment boxes nowadays and guys who are up to no good blasts their comments like they’re peeing everywhere with no sense of responsibility. If you think your comment can save the world, go save the world first then on your last dying breath go back to Glitzbook and do your comment. In short, feel free to comment but don’t pee everywhere. I don’t think I make sense on that.

Unfinished Business

I am not done writing yet so I shall keep on adding as soon as ideas pop out from my thick skull.  For now, hope you will enjoy watching our compilation of video clips from all walks of life aka the Internet.  Obviously, all the videos are not mine and I made no claim on of the video posted on Glitzbook. One thing for sure, all videos are shareable so help me on sharing the happiness or even misery in case there is any.

Monkey Wants Money? Glitzbook needs Writer, Apply Now!!!