Hate Your Job? Hate Your Boss? Quit and Discover Your Passion Through Personal Development

Are you late for work again? And you are putting up extremely ridiculous excuses that you can hardly imagine.  You hate your boss alright and your jobs sucks as you always rant. In addition, you constantly leave work early and it seemed like you’re never coming back the next day.

But as usual, there go you again the next morning tardier than ever. Just like a song that you dread, you are simply repeating the chorus over and over again. 

That begs the question, why people stay at jobs they hate? What is the science beyond as why are they trap into this kind of mess?

I am glad that I have Glitzbook.  In this way I can express what I want to say to these types of employees.  Life is short.  Why drag yourself to work for the job that you don’t like and the boss you hate?  You have to do it quick and end it now.  I don’t mean to mock but shame on you if you don’t.

So perhaps you should meet this guy, Ken McElroy. Ken McElroy of Rich Dad Advisors has this video on Discovering Your Passion Through Personal Development.  This I strongly recommend to all unhappy employees. 

You must take time to watch this in order to discover the importance of investing in yourself and discovering your passion through personal development. 

Furthermore, if you will watch and listen closely, you will find out that personal development is so vital for success and happiness.  Success and happiness are supposed to inseparable.

It is easy to spot those employees that somewhat lost. Those bewildered employees are in need of change, so here’s a free video on discovering their passion and personal development Ken McElroy.

Postscript from Glitzbook Webmaster: 

Maybe you need to try it yourself, too.  Without you knowing it, you might be the one I’m referring to.