War War is Stupid and Funny that you could Die Laughing

An excerpt from 1984 The War Song War of the Culture Club said “war is stupid and people are stupid…”

And I certainly agree with the British band Culture Club and its lead vocal Boy George.  War is indeed stupid!

More than 30 years later, nothing has changed for war is still stupid but somewhat a little very funny that you could die laughing about it.

Here is why:

Best of Just For Laughs Gags Summer Prank

Gladly summer is finally over here in the Philippines and rainy day is on its way.  But if you love the dry weather compare to wet ones, summer is still on or about to start somewhere.

And speaking of summer, Just For Laughs Gags come up with the best of summer prank compilation.

So get ready to be blown away with this best of Just For Laughs Gags Summer Prank!

Glitzbook Writes 30?

It has been almost a month since my last post and at certain point I would like to pull the plug on Glitzbook. But no way monkey, this site will not die yet or not on my watch for that matter.

So to answer the question, Glitzbook is here to stay and here is the proof:

Glitzbook Dumb Suggestions: Second hand smoke day celebration

I name this portion “Dumb Suggestion". I am sick and tired listening to good rules, ordinances and laws not being implemented.

So my alter ego has conceived a new persona in honor of those who think they own the planet. Mind you, this falls under “HUMOR” category not on “Money Talks”. There is no money in here. If you find it offensive, just get the hell out and own the rest of the solar system. And if you will find it humorous, fell free to share it.