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War War is Stupid and Funny that you could Die Laughing

An excerpt from 1984 The War Song War of the Culture Club said “war is stupid and people are stupid…”

And I certainly agree with the British band Culture Club and its lead vocal Boy George.  War is indeed stupid!

More than 30 years later, nothing has changed for war is still stupid but somewhat a little very funny that you could die laughing about it.

Here is why:

Must Watch, Must Share Inspiring Video, Son Surprising Gift to His Parents

This inspiring and tear jerking video is definitely worth sharing.  It has been shared closed to 8 million and probably touched so many souls.  So let’s keep on sharing this one.

It’s about a son very surprising gift to his parents – full payment their home loan.  Now, that I cut the suspense, just watch and enjoy the best and priceless unimaginable reaction from the parents.

Enjoy and please do share!