It Takes a Village to Raise a Child Then PisoNet Happens

It might be true that it takes a village to raise a child. But probably not in my village or any community where presence of thing called PisoNet is just a stone’s throw from child you’re planning to raise or at least helping to raise.

Mind you, I am not or never against PisoNet, Cybercafe or whatever you have to call it. Computer has been my bread and better since time immemorial. Even in my academe days, students involved in playing games instead of doing research ended up not finishing terribly bad. Some were unable to finish their studies, got married early on and don’t have good career a decade later. It was a true testament of how gaming and series of wrong decisions may ruin their future.

On the other hand, students that able to capitalize the use of computers and Internet to aid on their studies, turned out successful.

I might be judgemental on that case but generally, it’s all about saying yes or no to anything good or bad not just on PisoNet.

I don’t have much experience on PisoNet but many times I can describe it as a place where children went ballistic by shouting and cursing their opponents or perhaps the computers most of time. What a way to flash children’s money and future.

So my dear village, good luck raising a child, PisoNet style.

So parents, in case you are wondering why your kids have no savings, kindly follow them or play with them or even shout and curse them until 2 o’clock in the morning just like my neighbour’s children.

This video has nothing to do with my neighbour but honestly I wish this will happen to them so they can laugh at themselves for losing too much time and money.