Monkey Wants Money? Glitzbook needs Writer, Apply Now!!!

Can you think outside the box? Honestly, I don’t mind even if you think there is no box at all.  As long as you are not caged by your own imaginations and fears, then you might the one, Kemosabe.

If you don’t know what Kemosabe means, befriend google first for most like you are the fit for the job.

Did I just say job? Yes, my monkey, Glitzbook is looking for creative minds that are willing to write anything and everything in the name of Almighty bucks

Most Amazing Jobs In The World

Life is too short not to love what you're doing. To those who are working on a daily basis, there is nothing more annoying than the miserable officemates ranting and raving how life treated them badly. Common sense dictates that they are not paid to do so. But of course, some monkeys never learned!!!