Money Talks

How to Get Rich: Billionaire’s Perspective

According to Donald Trump, there are 5 millions reasons why you should listen to this audio book. I do not need all those reasons to convince me but I did listen to this over and over, maybe it’s about time that you should, too.

Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald Trump with Meredith McIver is a highly recommended book and if you have not grab a copy yet, you may try listening to this audio book:

Glitzbook is Powered by One Bad Mother F**cker Hosting Company, Hostgator

Glizbook is still alive, thanks to my favorite hosting company - Hostgator! If think that's for free, no way monkey. Every space and bandwidth has been paid for by this lunatic Monkey Boss and I don't intend to shut Glitzbook off. This would go on and on until I awaken the sleeping or might be dying monkey. He knows what I mean but it will not matter now.

My point is if you want something to be done on your website, a stable hosting, mobile-friendly and all, just

Kaizen: Japanese Technique to Overcome Laziness, A Minute-Principle

This one is for all the lazy monkeys or most probably a loser like me. Well, there’s still hope I suppose. Best we could do is to try to embrace this Japanese principle called “Kaizen”. It must be the answer all our excuses of being lazy on doing anything. Just don’t be lazy to watch this: