Money Talks

How to Get Rich: Billionaire’s Perspective

According to Donald Trump, there are 5 millions reasons why you should listen to this audio book. I do not need all those reasons to convince me but I did listen to this over and over, maybe it’s about time that you should, too.

Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald Trump with Meredith McIver is a highly recommended book and if you have not grab a copy yet, you may try listening to this audio book:

Why Do I Blog?

Starting an article with a question and answering my own question might not be a good introduction but sometimes that’s the way it is.  I mean, that’s it when you have your own blog and not working with anybody else for that matter. It’s my space, my domain, my host, my own question, my answer.

Considering started wherein I only want to keep this site up in order to rub it someone else’s face for leaving me high and dry.   Now, my priorities and motives have drastically changed – so as Glitzbook. 

Speaking of change, I will keep the “monkey see, monkey do” kind of stuff but in addition I will do my own blog.    Nothing much as far as the promised change but I will take it from there by providing organic contents and not just simple copy-paste no-brainer stories.

Glitzbook is Powered by One Bad Mother F**cker Hosting Company, Hostgator

Glizbook is still alive, thanks to my favorite hosting company - Hostgator! If think that's for free, no way monkey. Every space and bandwidth has been paid for by this lunatic Monkey Boss and I don't intend to shut Glitzbook off. This would go on and on until I awaken the sleeping or might be dying monkey. He knows what I mean but it will not matter now.

My point is if you want something to be done on your website, a stable hosting, mobile-friendly and all, just