Versatile Death Penalty with Sanctity of Life According to George Carlin

With toll rising for all the allegedly right reasons or probably in the name of peace and order, thanks to government effort and whoever in charge of summary executions.  Nevertheless, they are doing the good job on killing people so we might as well bring back the death penalty.

Speaking of death penalty, here is the best wisdom from the guy who doesn’t believe in religion but believes in god – the sun and prays to Joe Pesci.  What the heck, here is the man himself George Carlin on death penalty.

Glitzbook on so-called Experts: Words are Cheap

Words are cheap.  Even when it comes from expert individuals on their respective fields, whatever their expert opinions are if blended with malice, those are merely blah blah and cheap words.

Some would say that they’re law expert or IT expert; yes we all hear that one before. In fact, several times already.  Different faces but almost the same scenario.

Here is my proposition, what if there are wrong?  There should or there must be accountability on the statements that they issued. 

Day 1 of most loneliest day of my life in the Next 6 Years or More

What’s my wicked monkey?

I got nothing to say so let me do it in a song from rock band System of a Down’s “Lonely Day”:

Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day
Should be banned
It's a day that I can't stand

The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life

Minions The Evolution, Loyal Servant to Political Minions

These loveable little yellow creatures called minions are awesome.  The banana loving jokers are fun to watch especially when you’re a kid.  Ok fine, wicked monkey, I agree, I stand corrected, that’s for all ages not just for kids.

Should the minions come to flesh from animation that they currently in, they can join any talent shows known to man.  Of course, the minions can sing dance and act.  What else would Hollywood want? Ok, no porn for our minions then.

What is the Best Country in the World? Kids Got Interesting Answers

What is the Best Country in the World?

As far as I know, it’s not my country so far on so many aspects such crimes, poverty, corruption, peace and order, etc. etc.

Make no mistake though, I love my country and I’m proud to say that I willing to give my life if I have to. Yes, that’s true; I will offer my life for the right cause and never on the wrong politician with definitely crooked reasons, selfish intentions, godless, and no balls.

Lucifer in the flesh? Not Tom Ellis but Ted Cruz

Lucifer in the flesh?

If it’s Tom Ellis, sure anytime for that matter but hold on wicked monkey, it’s not our Lucifer for John Boehner, the former House Speaker is referring to Ted Cruz.

Yes my monkey, Boehner as reported by CNN recently sarcastically called the presidential candidate Ted Cruz as "Lucifer in the flesh" during interview at Stanford University.

The Real Most Interesting Man In The World Please Stand Up!

Cheers to the most interesting man in the world!

Make no mistake I am not referring to the momentarily most interesting man from around here.

Indeed, he is the most interesting for all the wrong reasons. If you know what I mean, he has no word of honor and lately copying becomes his new arsenal. By copying I mean, it includes series of denial defenses that he copied from his counterpart and now his new main means of protection.