Watch America's Got Talent 2016 Amazing Performance of Sofie Dossi, Incredible Self-Taught Hand Balancer and Contortionist

You won’t believe what this self-taught 14-year old girl can do.  I mean she can balance her body on the top of the platform with just one hand.  Apart from that, she can flex her body in a way that seem impossible for any human being beside that fact that she obtained those skills on her own.

That fact that all golden buzzers for this season of America’s Got Talent have been given away already, it’s safe to assume that we might already saw the face of big winner for the coveted one million dollar prize in any of them.  Yet we cannot discount the fact that this young hand balancer and contortionist has equal opportunity just like the rest of contestants.

Either way, it’s still early to predict.  Her performance is not to be missed. So, let’s watch and behold the amazing act of Sofie Dossi and enjoy her new style of eating an apple and shooting an arrow and hitting the target as she balanced her way on top of the platform while doing a contortion act.

Here is 14-year old Sofie Dossi, the hand balancer and contortionist audition piece of America’s Got Talent 2016.